Metatron Sexy Look with Double Swords

Metatron from demonsbane. Full body sculpting with low rendering cost and lag optimized design.

Equipped with Hboobs / Sold separately

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Here is the new year project for this complete avatar - Metatron. Its another complete avatar. Its basically this is done in this month, January 2011. There really is alot of unspeaking failure from using the software during the process. Remember at one point the whole program was messed up to the worst case scenario and I had to reinstall the whole zbrush. Well this is done and I had learned more experience from the second project. By the way, celebration to the new year festival. yay!!
There are more peeks for this pre-release. Perhaps there are more components and scripts come after this. More pictures.

I was very impressed as I got my first [Metatron] outfit and tries it on… for sure I saw some of them and I really liked them but having an own one even feels even greater The “Metatron” suit is a very short and very sexy dress with an extraordinary style that you do not see on every corner So for me it was the right stuff to find a matching scenery I liked to showcase it in. I wanted to some powerful and strong along with some movement or action as the light future touch and the trial to combine futuristic style with avantgarde looks. goes right to my heart.

So, lets take a closer look at the dress… the basic layer is kinda white suit layer that is done amazingly detailed with shadows and lights so that the folds and all the great little buttons! The top has a chest attachment and another attachment you can see for the skirt part. In the back we have a huge ribbon that kinda closes the skirt or even if a nice decorations as well Again we see how great the skills of the [Metatron] sisters are if you take a closer look on the lines that close the suit in the green.. so detailed and plastically. Stockings and gloves are as well part of the whole outfit. The skin I am using for this post as well is from [Doc] and it is called “Demosbane”. The teal lips and eyes and the wonderful ornaments round the eyes made this skin perfect for the outfit.

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