Fighter Dollr - STRIKE WITCHES

Concept design from Strike Witches series we are now introducing Strike Witches 1.01. 

[Fighter Doll Series Enhanced G6]
The original design of spec-a G6 flying jet provides a better way to travel in the air while it also comes with a better weaponry embeddings to jet itself.
[:::[ Fighter Doll Golden Desert Private G6]
Get you a cool looking of a metallic paints. 

Check out the back of the custom coloring HUD where it can change the color of the jet dynamically and put them on different mods. Now we found the custom graffiti for the special takers.
[:::[ Fighter Doll Graffiti Girls G6]
Additional Custom HUD for each jet. While I can put my traveling speed to maximum and also we can avoid people's attacks buy flying high and fast. Buttons are set for all kinds of attacks, while others touch the danger cover will trigger missiles to target themselves. Automatic tracing missiles can focus on the closest enemies and attack them.  +
Some details on this G6:
Collection of attacks. 

Osasis Enhanced, DS2, CCS, and more. Wearing item

On-going developments
Future versions will include 
1) animations.
2) enhancement features like machine guns and more graffiti.