Sexy Beat Angel Landed on SL with your Heart Beats!

Exciting incredible new features from CoreAPI 2.23!


★Build-in battle skirt system!

★Multi-joint sculpt boots

★3 sets of hairs!

★3 set tops / dirty / damage / normal

★Maximize your sexiness!

★Next top model seamless quality!

★Promoting price 800L!


Clothing Parts:☑Beat Angel Special Dark! mod(transfer)☑Beat Angel Special Half Dark mod(transfer)☑Beat Angel Special Official(transfer)
Clothing Parts:☑boot.clear.alpha.2.sub.invisible.prims(transfer)☑ 50%(transfer)
ESSENTIAL CLOTHINGS: Clothing Parts:☑BAE Battle Gloves Seamless!(transfer)☑BAE Combat Shoulder L(transfer)☑BAE Combat Shoulder R(transfer)☑BAE Red Diamond Sailor Apon(transfer)☑BAE SPECIAL FRONT APON(transfer)☑BAE thighbrace L(transfer)☑BAE thighbrace R(transfer)☑BAE UNDERLAYER(transfer)☑Beat Angel E. Watered-Panties!(transfer)☑Beat angel official(transfer)
Clothing Parts:☑BAE L Foot(transfer)☑BAE L Leg(transfer)☑BAE R Foot(transfer)☑BAE R Leg(transfer)☑boot.clear.alpha.2.sub.invisible.prims(transfer)☑ 50%(transfer)================================

p.s. ☑ = found inside. ✖ = not available at this version. Permissions vary so if buying this as a gift please have it sent to them direct don't buy it and try to give it to them as some pieces are no transfer.
note:hairs,shoes,panties,ecalate are not included. Dark socks are the custom part from Dizzy. Please related products.The complete package is cover: shoes, hairs,animated skirts with multi-combo styles. The complete package is rated mature.

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Found this avatar awesome from one the animate. So I planned on making this for some practices of sculpting. This lesson brings basic texture skills and some advance 3D modeling on zbrush. I felt really good about this because I could learn on using zbrush that amazing platform! Pricing is not to be determined yet. This is still under taking market evaluations.
Here are some of the highlights

There are more pictures coming from the fans art.

Full version includes an exclusive stripping animated skirt. Fully interactive built-in stripping skirt for your amazing avatar!!

Fatal Furry Jenet Bonne Here We Come!

Jenet Concept Art

This is Jenet Bonnie from the concept pictures from the fans art of Fatal Furry 2

Bonnie is coming up. She will be the first girl from SNK in the western world SL.


★Featured - FATAL FURRY 2/KOF/CAPCOM/NINJA/SNK Customization
★no shape / no skin / no eyes
★Head to toes costume
★Hair + shoes + 2 hip rings
★Dress + Resizable
★Braces ready!
★Implants ready!
★Everything you saw on the picture.
★Based off amazing bb tops producer products. Mastered more than 5 different brands.
★One seamless piece flexible dress.

Clothing Parts:
☑bj.S_brace v2(transfer)
☑bJENET Gloves(transfer)
☑bJENET under(transfer)
☑ Top JenetB.Sexy - Retail (wear me)(copy)
☑HKM bJENET.hipbrace.ring mod(transfer)
☑HKM bJENET.thigh.ring(transfer)
☑L Jenetshoes(transfer)
☑R Jenetshoes(transfer)

This character is originated from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

More Updates to come!!

Where to get it?

metalife without fees
SL marketplace with fees
in-store detail for special offers
Story Line:
Jenet is the leader of a group of pirates known as the Lillien Knights. During the events of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, her crew harbors in Second Southtown in order to hunt for treasure. They soon learned of the crimelord Kain R. Heinlein who was well-known as a very wealthy and powerful man. Jenet entered the King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament he had hosted in order to rob him of anything valuable he might be keeping in his mansion. In her ending, she passes out amidst the destruction of Kain's mansion after defeating him. Her crew saves her from being trapped under the rubble, but fails to secure any of the treasure they had been looking for.

Bonne Jenet – Bonne Jenet is a female pirate who is looking for treasure in Second South. Her fighting style involve wind-like projectiles that hit multiple times, and swooping attacks intended to catch opponents with suddenly-changing directions.

I think she's the coolest (and hottest) fighting game pirate babe (Ruby Heart and May being the others of course). BOOBIES. Whoa, where did that come from? Anyhow, it seems she's become quite popular in SNK world since her debut in Garou (when I originally became a fan), appearing in both KOF XI and Max Impact 2. Nice going Boobs Jenet. In all seriousness, she has an interesting and fun to use fighting style; and a funny personality as well. She is my favorite.

Achieved: (Red Tag Event 2 Halloween Costume) 20 copies sold.

Achieved: Red Tag Event for one week until 16th Oct. 2010
Retail 990L 90% knock out price is now giving to you for 400L. -

This character is originated from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Dizzy from Guilty Gear

This complete package is available at both marketplace with fees and metalife without fees.
Please visit in store for special offers or discounts

Finally, here are some pictures to share to everyone who is interested in Dizzy. Its really nice!


Complete dynamic color shoes / resizable / manufacturer restoration. Complete sculpt bras/ shoes/ wings/ arm clothes.
All parts for resizable to fit into different AVs for most sizes.

LITE: L$550
Body Parts:
Dizzy XXL - SEXY COSTUME - HKM(transfer)
Dizzyeyes (Extra goodies)(transfer)
Clothing Parts:
alpha feet V2- hkm(transfer)
Dizzy - combat socks full height(transfer)
Dizzy - combat socks low cut (Extra goodies)(transfer)
Dizzy - combatShoe-L (scripted) - hkm(transfer)
Dizzy - combatShoe-R (scripted) - hkm(transfer)
Dizzy - lower part(transfer)
Dizzy - Monster Tail (stomach) (scripted) - hkm(transfer)
Dizzy - neckcollar (chin)(transfer)
Dizzy - Necro the Grim Reaper Wing L feather(transfer)
Dizzy - SEXUAL Combattail (stomach)(scripted) - hkm(transfer)
DIZZY - Sexy Cross Chromo Bra L (chest)(scripted) - hkm(transfer)
DIZZY - Sexy Cross Chromo Bra M (chest)(scripted) - hkm(transfer)
Dizzy - Sleeves@.L(transfer)
Dizzy - Sleeves@.R(transfer)
Dizzy - Tied up Hair - hkm(transfer)
Dizzy - Undine the Angel Wing R feather(transfer)
Dizzy CombatBOM - Skirt (scripted) - hkm(transfer)
Dizzy essential top(transfer)
Dizzy L PROTECTION ARM(transfer)
Dizzy Long Combat Hair (scripted) - hkm(transfer)
Dizzy R PROTECTION ARM(transfer)
DIZZY_RING (Extra goodies)(transfer)
Heel shoes base - hkm(transfer)

Dizzy(ヂッジ, Dizzi) is an innocent, child-like Commander Gear in the Guilty Gear fighting game series. She is technically only 3 years old, but her body matures at such an alarming rate due to her Gear cells. She is technically half-Gear, half-human, and her mother is Commander Gear Justice. The father is unknown at this point. The names of Dizzy's wings are Necro (the Grim Reaper wing) and Undine (the angel wing).

A few weeks later, Dizzy was on the deck of the Mayship when she was suddenly knocked off by I-No. She fell 20,000 feet, and the impact caused her to become possessed by Necro. Under no fault of her own, she then laid waste to several other characters until she was "cured" by Faust.
Guilty Gear XX Λccent Core Plus

keywords: fight, flying,wings,angels,evil,school uniform,uniform,girl, teens,3 year-old,Accent Core,Overture,GGXX


Scripted to enhance dynamic avatar shapes and faces.

The other villagers became afraid, however, since Dizzy appeared to age from being an infant to apparently being in her late teens in three years. This was compounded when she discovered, one day, that she now had wings and a tail. Dizzy was now identified as a Gear -- essentially, a living weapon of mass destruction, and a hundred-year war against Gears had just ended five years ago.

Sensual Design

Dizzy's foster parents hid her in a grove in the woods, but she was soon discovered and subjected to abuse at the hands of her captors. She quickly escaped, and the government issued a 500,000 World-Dollar bounty for her death.
From there, Dizzy came under the protection of Testament, a human-type Gear who had served under the Commander Gear Justice. Testament fought off most of the bounty hunters, and if any managed to overcome him, they were quickly beaten back by the immense power of Dizzy herself. She was finally defeated by the bounty hunter known as Sol Badguy. However, he spared her life as he didn't view her as a threat, and the bounty fell to Jam Kuradoberi, who used it to finance her restaurant. Dizzy was then discovered by Johnny and May, who "rescued" her and invited her into their crew.

Dizzy, May and Johnny went to see Testament. While in the forest, she lose control over Necro and Undine. In one story path she regains control over them with the help of Ky Kiske. After two unsuccessful captures attempted by Crow she goes to Ky and with him, Dizzy tries to learn more about herself and preventing her powers from losing control again. In another path she regains control with the help of Sol Badguy, but soon after that, she is captured by Crow with A.B.A's help and used to create clones of Dizzy.

The details of Dizzy's birth are not known exactly; all that is known for certain is that she was found as an infant roughly three years before the events in Guilty Gear X, by an old couple with no children of their own to depend on.

This is the complete AV of Dizzy from Guilty Gear. Guilty Gear is one point a pop culture from every body in Japan as well as the foreign market like U.S. and Germany. Most Asian countries had already been influenced by the game of the guilty gear.

Lite Version about picked from the essential parts of the avatar.

Redux Morrigan with Latex Looking!

Permissions vary so if buying this as a gift please have it sent to them direct don't buy it and try to give it to them as some pieces are no transfer.

Morrigan Aensland
As you have seen on the video games, comics, and the cosplay show. High quality hand drawn originals. They are not duplicates of what you see in other costume shops around SL. You will love these costumes!

Complete Costume Package for Morrigan Aensland.

Costume Package for Morrigan A. LITE
The complete erotic version is available on the related ad for mature display for only 990L without implants features.

Clothing Parts:
☑B00bies Top Morrigan Seduction - Retail (wear me)(copy)
Note: This top applier is compatible for eboob,implant nations, foxbrean, iboobs, lola, big beast performance. All implants sold separately. Implants Tops are compatible with
★H-Boobs Type-A and Type-N
★Implant Nation Universal Implants
★Implant Nation Multi-Clothing
★Implant Nation Multi-Clothing Lite
★Lolas! Natural Breasts
★Lolas! Push Up Tops
★Foxbean BitTits – Nadine
★iBoobs Busty
★iBoobs Natural
★iBoobs Neo
★ecorp / eBoobs! Natboobs!
★P.S. Design Implants V2– Natural
★P.S. Design Implants V2– Silicon
★Essential Tammy and Katie
★Vstring XL and XXL
★Sinful Needs

☑HKM Morrigan A. Combat Latex lower part regular(transfer)
☑HKM Morrigan A.After Comabt - Torned Bottom(transfer)
☑HKM Morrigan A.Combat Latex lower part regular(transfer)
☑HKM Morrigan A.Gloves A(transfer)
☑HKM Morrigan A.Gloves B(transfer)
☑HKM Morrigan A.Gloves Z(transfer)
☑HKM.Morrigan A.Combat Latex upper part regular(transfer)
☑HKM.Morrigan Aensland.BAT WINGS (spine) (wear me)(transfer)
☑HKM.Morrigan Aensland.Cute (spine) (wear me)(transfer)
☑HKM.Morrigan Aensland.Head Wings (wear me)(transfer)
☑HKM.MORRIGAN Hair(transfer)
☑HKM.Morrigan.After Combat - Torned Top(transfer)
☑HKM.Morrigan.Seduce Comabt - Sexy Top(transfer)
☑Enclosed with 1 note(s).


Join our group HKM INVENTION for more detail.

Story Line:
Morrigan is a succubus and the adopted daughter of Belial Aensland. When she was born, Morrigan was extremely powerful (an "S Class" according to some Japanese source books), so much so that Belial sealed away part of her power, one-third in himself to be returned upon his death, and one-third in a pocket dimension, which eventually became a being of its own, a succubus named Lilith. Unaware of Belial's action, Morrigan grew up and found her life in the Aenslaed castle dull, so she frequently visited the human world to look for entertainment.
On one occasion, Morrigan was drawn to a strange power (which would turn out to be the fire demon Pyron), and ventured into the human world once again. Upon her return, she was informed of Belial's death and that she was the next successor to the Aenslaed throne. Although she is now rightfully the ruler of the Makai, she shirks her responsibilities and seeks to continue her life as before. Morrigan eventually meets Lilith, and the two beings merge into one, fully restoring Morrigan's power.

Available at SL Marketplace

Mature version - full complete version.

Lite version