HKM Implants Type-A H-boobs

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H-boobs Type - A
Brand new introduce.
The sexiest boobs from all manage/comics/animates.
Yet its a high quality with best compatibility for customizations, enhancement, coloring, security, and guest interactions.
Animated look gives a photo genetic impression to photo productions.
Tech spec.
Comes with clothing Appliers that will benefit from UI,ecorp,lolas,foxbean tops.
Parrelle skins enhancement fits from using one single easy editing format. No 3D software is needed for making your own skin or nipples.
Make it easier to adapt for other skins from UI, P.S., ICON..
Hboobs is coming from new that coded with the latest fastest coding possible absoluately fast rez and lag free.
Special topics:
Cleavage customization
Adapted from different needs and user preference. You can create your own cleavage gap with your own preferences.
Play Mode
Your can simple shift your sexy top from the left to the right and from the right to the left. Watery feature enable you to show a little bit to your friends and make anything possible around you and your partner. Playing with the breast size growing mode that will surprise your clients while using creative automated emote with your friends. Adding a bit of fun and excitement from all around you.
Clothing SYNC /
Simple way to change and switch from tops to bra and from bras to tops. Auto archives your previous clothings with one slot.
Gives you a complete freedom of resizing the impression.
Bouncing with all aspect cause of actions it can be mixed into a part of your emote settings too!
Milking has been all completely important to every implant owner, this system allow you to use it into as a part of emote impression, yet gives you all random nature milking drip, spray, and leaks.
All amazing interactions over 2000 combinations
HUD - Settings
Allow you to customize overall feel and look of the implant to making your implant becoming the perfect match to your body!
HUD - Play Studio (coming)
Allow to sync all interactions with specific people intimately in the public or even have distance far far away (grid-wide).
Taking off and on your tops in just less than one sec.
Boob Top producer compatible
Allow you to making your customized tops from photoshop and package them in one single station. [sold separately]
Boob Top Master V2 compatible
Allow you to making your customized tops from photoshop and package and tweak up the perfect alignments in one single station. [sold separately]
Skin/Bra producer Compatible
Allow you to making your customize your skin and bra to be the perfect match to your skin tone, color, look and feel in just one second. [sold separately]
All compatible with
Boob Top producer 1.9X any versions
Boob top master V2 any latest versions
SKIN/Bra Producer DIY/Enterprise Versions
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Implant skins and bra creation templates for all Hboobs. Please visit here.

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